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Reviews are your secret weapon in the Amazon war

It is needless to say how important product reviews are. A latest research said that 90% of the consumers read online reviews before purchasing a product. Positive reviews will boost your store ranking on Amazon, making it easier for shoppers to find your store and buy your product.

We are an agency that provides verified reviews for amazon. We have thousands of local Amazon testers who will give you good reviews in exchange for free products. We send the product cost and they purchase the product and leave reviews.

  • Is buying reviews legal? – When you can not keep standing up with your competitors who have hundreds or even thousands of reviews (most of them also buy reviews), we think it is necessary to maintain your state.
  • Amazon has vine review program? – Yes, Amazon does have a vine program. But it is too costly. And the major problem is, they do not always give you five-star reviews. In the vine program, 50% of reviews are under 3 stars. But we are committed to always providing five star reviews.
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Questions May Rise In Your Mind

Is this safe for seller account?

Safety is our main commitment. We never compromise on safety. We verify that every reviewer is a genuine American buyer (for We do not share any direct links with reviewers. Instead, we share product images and keywords. They search for the product on Amazon and find it. If the product is indexed on, we share the Google search link. Many of our sellers have been working with us for many years, but they have never faced any problems.

If reviews get deleted?

Usually, our reviews last very long. However, only 5% of reviews (on average) get deleted by Amazon. But we have a replacement service. If a review get deleted within 90 days, we will give you free seller feedback which is very helpful for your seller ranking.

How do we find reviewers?

We have a private portal and reviewer group on Facebook and Telegram. Many interested people asked to join our group. We first verify their account and then let them in. Also, we have many friends who like to purchase desired products at no cost.

How long does it take?

We require a minimum of 10 days for a review to go live We will purchase within the first 2/3 days and delivery will take up to 5 days. The buyer will post the review 2/3 days after receiving the item. However, we highly recommended taking reviews slowly, it is safer.

Who writes the review content?

Usually, we write review content. We have expert writers who research other product reviews and create unique content. If a seller wants a photo review, we ask the reviewer to take a photo. But sellers can provide their own review content or images.

How many reviewers do we have?

Basically, we work for Amazon USA, UK, CA, DE, IT, FR, AU, and UAE. We have 1500+ reviewers for, 400+ for, 150+ for, 200+ for, and However, if a seller needs more reviews than we can handle, we will hire one of our partner agencies.

Process: Posting a Review

How Reviews Get Done

1Finding interested buyer: First, we post the product images and prices in our private portal and telegram group. Interested testers contact us.

2Search find buy: We share product images and keywords with interested testers. They find the product by searching with keywords. Then they purchase it. After purchasing the product they send us the order number.

3Receiving the product: After receiving the product, our testers take pictures of the package and send them to us. We send them review content 2-3 days after receiving the product.

4Posting the review: They post reviews 2/3 days after receiving the product. When the reviews go live, we send them the price of the product (via PayPal/CashApp).

Our Pricing

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The prices listed below are only our service charges. You have to pay the product cost as well.

10 Reviews
  • 5 Star Reviews Only
  • Verified Purchase Reviews
  • Multiple Product Allowed
  • Text & Image Reviews
  • 30 Days Lasting Guarantee
50 Reviews
  • 5 Star Reviews Only
  • Verified Purchase Reviews
  • Multiple Product Allowed
  • Text & Image Reviews
  • 30 Days Lasting Guarantee
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Process: Start a Project

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Complete Payment

We will email you an invoice and a payment link (credit/debit card or ACH debit).



Purchase & Delivery

When our testers complete reviews (see more), we will send you the order numbers.



Confirm Orders

After you confirm the order numbers, we will refund our testers (Paypal or CashApp).




If a review get deleted within 90 days, we will provide you with free seller feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can do a maximum of 1000 reviews for each listing on For we can do a maximum of 300 reviews. For and we can do a maximum of 100 reviews.

Yes, we accept coupons to purchase your products for a review. Although, we do not offer any replacement guarantees for such reviews. This is because most of the reviews posted from coupon purchases, get removed by Amazon very quickly.

No, we don’t force our buyers to write 5 star reviews. We have a buyer portal where a few thousand of buyers are connected. And our term is to get free product and write five star reviews. So, only interested buyer purchase and post five star reviews.

We will share the order numbers and live review link via Google Spread sheets where you can find the order numbers which is placed by our buyers.